Schüssler Age Protection day cream

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Besides Schuessler's tissue salts, the rich and unique formula of Schüssler Age Protection Day Cream contains the latest active ingredients such as EPS Seafill® marine algae extract, plant stem-cells, low molecular hyaluronic acid, and organic vegetable oils. These ingredients help hydrate and nurture skin all day long, reduce visible signs of aging and protect skin from external damage. Recommended for anti-aging treatment and for daily nurturing of mature skin.

JOY Prix de Beauté 2019 Anti-Aging category – 3rd place

Content: 50 ml (airless dispenser)

  • Enriched with a unique combination of 3 types of Schuessler’s tissue salts
  • With plant stem-cells and bio ingredients
  • With EPS Seafill® marine algae extract
  • Free from mineral oils and parabens
  • The scent does not contain sensitizing concentrations of fragrance.
  • ECOCERT certified ingredients
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15.3 €
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