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100 % natural ingredients


Water is the most essential ingredient of cosmetics; therefore water is the basic element of Cream Schüssler as well. Purified water has a resolving function for the other ingredients of the Cream, furthermore after getting into the skin, pure water moisturizers it.


Unrefined Shea Butter comes from the Northern territory of Ghana. Due to its exceptional regenerative ability, Shea butter is a very popular natural cream. What makes it even more unique, is the 100% additive-free feature. The secret of Shea Butter is in its components: it contains an almost identical fat composition as the one produced by the human skin, so our skin can easily regain its natural beauty! Due to its quick absorption and long-lasting moisturizing effect, Shea butter is one of the most important basic elements of Cream Schüssler. Just as Schüssler Salts, Shea butter also helps boosting the skin's self-healing mechanism.


Apricot Kernel Oil is gained from the seeds of apricots. It gives a perfectly moisturized feeling and a soft, ‘elastic’ effect to the skin. Due to its high vitamin A content, this oil is very nutritious, therefore it is an excellent treatment for dehydration and sensitive skin. Its structure is very similar to the human skin’s sebum material, hence if used regularly the skin becomes smooth and silky. 


Due to its structure, this popular vegetable oil is suitable to treat acne and reduce the oiliness of the skin. The unique effect of jojoba lies in dissolving the sebum, making it easy to clean it off the face simply with fresh water. In addition, Jojoba Oil contains antioxidants and antiphlogostics.


Coconut Butter has its signature delicate fragrance from the dried seed of the coconut plant; the extracted oil nourishes and tightens wrinkles. The 100% natural Coconut Butter is a popular ingredient of natural cosmetics. Coconut Butter has an antibacterial effect; therefore it prevents infection of minor cuts. It is especially suitable for dry, cracked skin.


The extracted fat from cocoa beans is commonly used in cosmetics, we can recognize it from the soft chocolate smell when we use it. This natural substance helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity and collagen production and above all it gives a perfect hydration. Cocoa butter is not photosensitive; therefore it has often been used in both summer and day creams.