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About us

About us
Our company, HomeoNatura Ltd., is a committed supporter of a healthy, natural and sustainable lifestyle. People look around the world they live in, and they are concerned more and more about their health. We, and more and more followers around the world agree that preserving our health and preventing illnesses need more and more of our attention. We must live a conscious and more responsible lifestyle in order to keep our body-mind balance for the longest possible. 
In this journey dr. Schuessler’s holistic therapy system can be your guide. This therapy has a history of over 200 years, and it is based on 12 different types of minerals. There is no other alternative therapy, throughout which a personal and complex cure can be set up according to our skin’s color, glow and tone, where the end result is the normalization of the skin’ mineral supply. 
We are convinced, that as natural and environment-friendly cosmetic products become more and more popular, there will be a rising demand for holistic beauty treatments as well. 
Creating Schuessler’s natural products is our company’s pioneer mission statement, as we believe that the skin’s true beauty can be preserved by using Dr. Schuessler’s minerals, and organic-based ingredients. 
We picked the top 8 of the minerals that provide a solution for the most common skin problems, and we combined them with 100% natural ingredients such as Shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut butter. 
Our creams - besides providing an ultimate luxurious, and rich experience- nourish the skin, and normalize the skin’s mineral supply which becomes lively and revitalized. 
If you need additional help, please contact our customer support centre on business days between 9 am and 3 pm on one of the following contacts:
Phone: +36 1 788 49 39

Company name: HomeoNatura Kft.
Address: H-1113 Bp. Bartók B. út 152. Hungary
Bank account:  10300002-10635868-49020019

Tax number: 24246189-2-43
EU tax no: HU24246189

Phone: 00-36-1-7884939


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